Hannah Hands

(1839 - )
Hannah Hands|b. 1839|p268.htm|William Hands|b. circa 1819|p246.htm|Sarah Addleton|b. circa 1818|p266.htm|John Hands|b. between 1801 and 1802|p242.htm|Hannah Harrise|b. between 1799 and 1801\nd. before 7 Apr 1861|p243.htm|(?) Addleton|d. before 30 Mar 1851|p271.htm|Elizabeth (?)|b. circa 1783|p272.htm|
  • Hannah Hands was born in 1839 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
  • Her birth was registered in volume XVI page 242 of the Birmingham registration district in the March quarter of 1839.